Year: 2015

14th Century French Illumination, QPT 2015

The Golden Boar

I was approached in spring 2015 for a special project, due at Murder Melee.  The Barony of Ben Dunfirth wanted to award a barony member with the highest honour available to them – the Golden Boar.  The person who approached me thought that I was a part of that person’s household, and although I’m not,…

Bead Making – Level 2 Class, FOOL 2015

Diptych of Illuminations from the Book of Hours of Daniel Rym, Kingdom A&S 2015

This project was a part of my winning Pentathlon entry for Kingdom A&S 2015. The goals of this project were to use pergamenta and gouache for the first time, to recreate an illumination in similar size, colours, and technique as the original, and to do whitework design. (Challenges that were suggested to me at QPT)…